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Where agents enjoy our robust training/coaching, lead flow, technology, marketing support, and vibrant culture.

• 4,500+ homes sold
• #1 team in harford county

For New Agents

Getting your license

If you have questions about getting started with prelicensing education, you can speak with one of our new agent onboarding advisors. Once you're up to speed with practice tests and ready for your exam, we'll help facilitate your journey through the exam into being actively licensed.

Newly Licensed

If you're just getting started in the world of real estate, our comprehensive new agent onboarding program may be just what you need to kick-start your career and get your first client under contract within 45 days of joining!

Help Me Start
Lee Tessier Team veteran agents in office

For Seasoned Agents

If you're ready to transition to a brokerage that provides robust coaching and training, consistent lead flow, industry-leading technology, and full-circle marketing support, you've come to the right place.

Our agency was founded by agents like you that needed more support, looking for more freedom of expression, and thrived when placed within a community environment where we all succeed together.

We know the value of what you're capable of and want to welcome you to the family.

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What We provide

The technology we provide would typically cost THOUSANDS per month or more! Contact us today for a full overview.

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  • Top Prospecting, Lead Generating & Management CRM Systems
  • Leads from Zillow/Trulia, Radio & TV, Facebook, YLOPO, GooglePPC, GLS, Realtor.com, etc.
  • Database management
  • In-house ISA department
  • World-class suite of technology and tools, including Sierra Interactive, YLOPO, FollowupBoss, SISU, Google Suite, and much more!
  • Minimal fees to be covered by our agents!
  • Earn eXp Stock for your transactions!
  • Two in-house marketing professionals to help build your brand!
  • In-house video studio equipped with green screen and more
  • Dedicated single-listing websites to dazzle your sellers and increase lead engagement
  • Transaction Manager
  • Listing Manager
  • Strong reputation and brand recognition in the Baltimore Metro Area
  • Extensive training and support for all experience levels to generate more income faster
  • Coaching from top industry professionals
  • MVP Club with monthly giveaways for your clients


team player
do what you say
be coachable


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